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Our Team


We are a Family film Production Company 

Laurence James Sargent



Laurence James Sargent is the father of Noah and Father in Law to Bethany Visokay Sargent.  Laurence has been working in the film industry since the early 90's.  Working on big movie sets, meeting and making connections in the industry.  As head of the team he, produces, directs and casts and has a hand in every step of our projects.  

Noah Sargent


Noah Sargent is son of Laurence James Sargent and Husband to Bethany Visokay Sargent. He has been on various film productions, meeting and making connections in all fields on the industry.  As part of the team he is our writer, producer, he helps direct and cast. 


                     Bethany Visokay Sargent

Bethany Visokay Sargent is Wife to Noah Sargent and Daughter in law to Laurence James Sargent. She is our cinematographer and editor, and has been working in film industry as an Actor, Special Effects Artist, Concept Artist and more. She runs Our Art Department and does much of the Pre-Production scheduling and preparation as well as out Post-Production work.

                   Actor/Editor/Special Effects/BTS/Artist


                   We are always looking for talented people to add to our films. If you would like to be a part of what we are       doing please apply with the link provided for each project that is currently casting or send us your contact information.

If you are interested in one of our services please fill out the form bellow and we will be in touch.

Thank you and we appreciate your time!


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